The Wonderful World of Hosta's4/20/2012


The wonderful world of Hosta’s




Hosta’s are either a favorite plant and possibly obsession with some gardeners or the least favorite plant and one that will never take root in the gardens of others.  The love affair of the Hosta is one that is deep rooted in history.  Originating in Japan, Korea and China they first showed up in Europe in the 1700’s and in the United States in the 1800’s.  With literally hundreds of species and thousands of cultivars of Hosta’s, an avid Hosta gardener can live their entire life without seeing every hosta available.  With such a large variety, it’s quite simple to understand how the addition of one or two in the garden can quickly lead to a love affair.  




An easy to grow, shade tolerant perennial the Hosta is primarily grown for it’s showy leaves that come in a wide variety of size, color, and texture.  Although they are most widely used in the shade garden, there are many varieties that will tolerate ¾ to full sun.  An easy rule of thumb to use when choosing the right hosta for your sun condition is “the greener the leaf, the more shade tolerant the plant, the more yellow or white on the leaf, the more sun is required for the plant to thrive”.  Since the afternoon sun is much hotter than the morning sun, and Hosta’s like moist soil, if possible you should avoid placing Hosta’s in these locations, but if you do just remember to water a little more frequently when getting established.




You can plant Hosta’s anytime during the growing season, although most people like to plant them in the spring.  When planting during the summer months, be sure to supplement with additional watering, as they prefer a moist soil.  Hostas do not mind being moved or divided, and can be done at any time, however since shock can occur when moving or dividing, it is easier to do so in the spring.  When moving or dividing in the spring, you can dig up the hosta as soon as the eyes are evident.  Divide using a sharp clean knife.




If Hosta’s interest you and you want a great selection, stop up at Somerset Nursery, Zionsville.  We have devoted an entire shade house to our love affair with hosta’s.