Plant Your Tomatoes NOW for Fresh Tomatoes all summer long.5/11/2012


Plant Your Tomato’s NOW for Fresh Tomato’s all summer long.


Tomato planting is probably one of the area’s biggest gardening hobbies.  Customers flock in each spring to see what tomato’s we are offering.   More so than any other “vegetable” plant  (yes I know that the tomato is actually a fruit, but in gardening it is commonly referred to as a vegetable), the tomato plants are the biggest seller we have each spring.  This year, we have made a commitment to bring some of the very best varieties in.  We are so happy to report that we were successful in securing some of the more unusual tomatoes along with the tried and true. 


A sampling of what we have available this year – (remember…this is just a sampling we have many more varieties also available)


Heirloom Chocolate Stripes-  a beautiful bicolor hearloom tomatoes produces large 1 lb. dark chocolatey red fruit. A large yield of robust sweet flavored tomatoes that are disease resistant.


Grandfather Ashlock – An attractive Potato-leaf plant yields sweet, pink, beefsteak fruite.  A rare heirloom variety.


Heirloom -Cherokee Purple – A unique Indian Heirloom, deep dark red color, smoky sweet flavor, brisk red meat inside large slightly flattened globes.  A favorite  among chefs.


Mid Season Slicing – Big Boy – Truly one of the great old time hybrids with an heirloom taste.  Vines can grow to 6’ tall, producing Large, meaty great tasting tomatoes.  Perfect for any type of processing.


Razzleberry – Silky sweet pink tomato, the texture is unbeatable.  Plant produces many medium pink tomatoes.  Determinate.  One of our favorites, lovely color, tastes good, nice plant habit.


Heirloom Kellogs Breakfast – Mid season indeterminate heirloom.  1 lb orange beefsteak tomatoes.  Thin-skinned, meaty, few seeds and a fantastic sweet, tangy flavor.


Heirloom Blak Krim – Unique color and flavor.  Deep brick red, nearly black color will delight any culinary cuisine. 


Amish Paste – An old Amish heirloom dating back to the turn of the century.  Used for canning and sauces for generations.  Excellent for slicing also.  Very reliable.  One of the best salsa tomatoes.