Plants for Northern Exposures12/20/2012

Do you have a Northeast Exposure bed where you are looking to add some bright beautiful color?  Here some ideas that will color your garden spectacular!

Redhead Coleus  -  Who can resist a real redhead? 

This is a “must-have” that will fire up any landscape.  It looks awesome on its own or in large vigorous combos.  Perfect for a container or even better when planted in mass to set off the curve of a sidewalk or island. 

Flutterby Petite Buddleia (butterfly bush.)

When looking for a durable, drought-tolerant shrub that is fragrant and attracts….you guessed it butterflies! This is the one for you.  Un-like its earlier relatives, this one grows to be just 3 foot tall and is non-invasive to boot. It is just as spectacular in a container as it is in the landscape bed.

PowWow Echinacea

This perennial Echinacea (cone flower) packs lots of punch for its size.  The Wild Berry color is a sure to please deep, dark pink.  Besides the awesome color, this “cultivated native” flowers uniformly and maintains an even height across large plantings.  If you are thinking of planting a bed that is easy to maintain, yet stunning – try planting a number of these together, the results will not disappoint.