Bedding Plants for the Sun12/20/2012

Nothing is more beautiful than a landscape bed that is flush with color even on the hottest-driest day.  In order to have a bed that doesn't disappoint in the Summer, you need to do a little planning in the Spring. When choosing your spring color, choose plants that are larger - think 4" or 6" pots.  Sure you will pay a little more for the larger plant, however, you will spend less time and energy getting those plants to bloom and spread in your garden.  The choices seem endless when it comes to a sunny bed, so we have chosen a few true winners for your consideration. 

Wave Petunia

This is a low-growing, wide-spreading petunia that is a natural for sunny beds.  It blooms like crazy all season without being cut back.  Watering it in early will yield beautiful spreading color that will need little to no care during the dog days of summer.

Vino Coleus

One of the many - many new coleus that are great in the sun and can tolerate the shade as well.  It's deep wine colored leaves (hence vino!) flowers very late (or better yet never), therefore it makes a big impact with little maintenance.

Dragon Wing Begonia

Count on this one getting big - FAST!  It's vigorous in the heat and ideal for landscaping in pots or beds. 


For a spectacular display of continuous color, choose Angelonia.  Admittedly it is not a "go to" plant in our area but it should be.  It will provide a continuous display of color from the moment of planting through late summer.  Best part.....the deer and rabbits are not so fond of it!

Double Zahara Zinnia

Its hard not to love a zinnia!  When choosing look for a the Double Zahara which is mildew resistant and requires no deadheading!