Select Natural Organic Fertilizers When Planting3/26/2014

Spring is here and gardeners everywhere are beginning to prepare their soil for new plantings. This
is the best time to give young plants the nutrients they will need to bloom all season long because
gardeners can place nutrients where they are needed most - at the root zone. Therefore, gardeners
should make sure that they choose a fertilizer that is safe to use at that time.
Garden experts recommend using natural organic fertilizers when planting because they provide the
healthiest combination of benefits.

* Slow, Continuous Release of Nutrients. Unlike water soluble fertilizers that release all of their
nutrients immediately upon contact with water, natural organic plant foods rely on a combination of
conditions which ensures that plants are fed the nutrients they need over time.

* Low in Salts. Fertilizers that have high concentrations of salts can dehydrate, injure, or even kill
plants. Natural organic fertilizers are much lower in salt content than chemical fertilizers and,
therefore, less likely to burn plants and cause damage.

* Balanced Nutrition. For optimum growth and health, plants require a combination of 15
nutrients. In addition to the three primary nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - there
are a variety of secondary and trace nutrients, including iron, sulfur and magnesium, that contribute
to the overall nourishment of plants. While simple chemical fertilizers often contain the three
primary nutrients, natural organic plant foods provide a complete feeding of all 15 nutrients
necessary for plant health.

* Improve Soil Structure. Only natural organic fertilizers contain organic matter that stimulates
microbial activity and allow for better soil aeration and moisture retention. Since plants are most
susceptible to damage at planting time, gardeners should be sure to use natural organic fertilizers to
optimize soil structure at the time of planting.
Natural organic fertilizers, like Espoma Holly-toneï›™ and Plant-toneï›™, offer all of the above benefits,
with the lowest risk of plant injury. Applied at the time of planting, the Espoma Tones provide
young plants the best chance for vibrant foliage and beautiful blooms.
As always, gardeners should be careful to follow the label directions because even the best plant
food can cause damage if used improperly. For more gardening tips, visit