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Ponds and Waterfalls
Accent Rocks
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Price: $70.99

A better alternative to conventional rock as a landscaping tool.  These Universal Rocks are virtually indistinguishable from authentic rock.  They are light-weight and can be easily transported without the use of heavy equipment. 

The artificial rock products are made by Universal Rocks and are generally produced using polyurethane and a special formulation of polyurea -- this flexible material allows the products to be cut and or modified to fit in just about any situation.  The products carry a 5 year manufacturer guarantee.   http://www.universalrocks.com/cgi-bin/us.pl?search=casc&field=Category

Self-contained ponds
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Price: $625.99
Self-contained ponds are ideal all-in-one waterfall and pond combination.  Suitable for the garden and all flat surfaces such as paving, decking and tiles.  Most importantly- they are installed and landscaped in less than 1 hour!
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