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Granite Animals and mushrooms
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Price: $10.00
Turtles, owls,frogs, hedehogs, penguins, partridges and mushrooms.  Adopt one or take an entire family home.  These adorable one-of-a-kind carved stone animals and mushrooms make great accent pieces around your garden or home. 
Granite Benches
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Price: $319.00
Choose from classic granite Boulder Bench with either a straight or curved bench top, a beautiful sideleg bench, or a variety of high polished benches.  All benches feature granite boulders that were hand-picked from fields and mountains then meticulously matched for shape, color and texture to create impressive natural stone art furniture.  Many call it sculpture until they find themselves comfortably enjoying their bench.  The polished stone bench seat adds a conteporary feel to the piece which lure admires to sit an examine the grain of the grainte more closely.  Each bench is unique and size and weight may vary. 
Granite Birdbaths
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Price: $175.00
 A variety of styles to choose from.   Birdbaths made from impressive granite boulders blend naturally into any landscape. The two fish birdbath is one of the most artistic natural stone birdbaths you will finde.  Carved from thousand-year old granite boulders to highlight the stone's rich color and texture, the inside basin features to hand carved granite koi fish.  If frogs are more your thing, check out the hand-carved birdbath that features two frogs which peek out from the water just enough to add an island perch for your feathered friends.  No two birdbaths will have the same shape or color.  Granite birdbaths are truly a work of art.  
Showing Products 1 to 3