Are you looking for some privacy in your yard?3/15/2012

Outdoor gardens that embrace nature create a place where you can feel safe, secluded and of course comfortable. Everyone’s yard should provide a garden retreat in your own corner of the world. Defining an area gives a sense of enclosure and privacy is easy to do yet doesn’t have to be boring. There are many choices when considering a hedge or privacy screen. When planting, consider zig-zagging your trees to give a fuller effect and allow the trees to get air and sun. This will also help the hedge give with the wind, preventing breakage and wind tunnels. Using more than one variety of plants in a border will also provide some interesting color and texture along your border.


Evergreen Trees and Shrubs provide year round color and there are so many to choose from.


Boxwood – A European favorite, boxwood responds very well to pruning and shaping. They can be used in full sun to partial shade. The tiny, evergreen leaves remain tidy when clipped. Prune in late spring as new growth darkens. Sizes of boxwood vary depending on the species.


Leyland Cypress – A wonderful choice as a tough privacy and wind screen, offering beautiful texture and color through feathery foliage. It is a fast grower that will reach 18 – 22 feet tall. Best planted in full sun.


Acuba Japonica – This shrub is also known as “gold dust”. It features leathery pale bright green leaves, mottled with yellow variegation and is best planted in either full or partial shade. It prefers a moist soil, but can handle periodic dry spells. Slow Grower.


Arborvitae – (Thuja) This is a very popular choice in the Lehigh Valley, with the ‘Emerald Green’ being the most sought after. The Emerald Green has a compact and uniform pyramidal shape that requires little care once established. It’s a moderate grower and will grow to be 15 foot tall by 4’ wide. If you would like something a bit taller choose the ‘Green Giant’ which will reach a full height of 25-30 feet and 12 to 18 foot wide. The ‘Green Giant’ is a fast grower growing 1 ½ to 2 foot a year, is dear resistant and has medium green color in spring and summer and a bronze-green color in winter. The Arborvitae thrives in full sun.


Deciduous Shrubs either planted alone or mixed with Evergreen’s can add a beautiful pop of color each spring to liven up your yard.


Forsythia – A beautiful choice for a hedge that will certainly brighten your yard with its brilliant yellow flowers. The Forsythia can be either pruned into a tight formal hedge, or left natural with its graceful flowing branches arching to the ground. This easy, fast growing screen grows 6 to 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide. Plant in Full Sun for the best color and bloom.


Knock Out Roses – If you want to be knocked out with color, add a few Knock Out Roses to your screen. This rose displays abundant color from early spring to well into the fall. It is both drought tolerant and disease resistance. It is a compact, bushy shrub grows to approximately 4 foot tall and wide and available in a variety of colors from creamy yellow to dark red.


Red Twig or Yellow Twig Dogwood - Both varieties of this dogwood shrub produce beautiful winter bark as their names indicate after the leaves have fallen. When pruned regularly, the bark color will intensifies.


Burning Bush – An extremely hardy selection for a screen, with fiery orange-red fall foliage when planted in full sun. This bush can easily be pruned into a hedge row, or left natural and full. It will grow 8 foot tall and 5 foot wide.


Tri-colored Willow (‘Hakuro nishiki’) This is an amazing fast growing (full hedge within the first few growing seasons) that when planted will form a colorful privacy hedge. Colorful doesn’t quite describe this plant. The shrub comes with many branches full of light green leaves with a hint of white on each leaf, however each spring, the new growth comes in with a beautiful pink tint. Planted in part sun, it will grow 8-10 tall and wide.