How to hold peonies to bloom later4/5/2012


Its time to stake your Peonies!


If you love to see the beautiful blooms of peonies but hate to see them fall over when it rains, or they get top heavy – you need to do some pre-planning and stake them now.  There is a great product on the market called Link-up that is specifically designed for Peonies and tall perennials that tend to flop over as they grow.  Speaking of Peonies…did you know that you can cut your peonies and control when they open?  Here’s the quick how to:  


·         Harvest the peonies at bud stage just when they are starting to peek some color,  The buds should be at least one inch in diameter. 


·         Gather 5 or ten stems together and wrap the stems in clear plastic and seal the ends to prevent the flowers from drying out. 


·         Store the peonies horizontally in the refrigerator (the lower the temperature the better).


·         Remove the stems 8 hours before you would like to use them, place the stems in tepid water.  You can expect to get 5 to 10 days of vase life after the buds open if left at room temperature.