Knock Out Roses - a rose for every garden!4/13/2012

Knock Out Roses - a rose for every garden!


This is not your Grandmother’s Rose.Who doesn’t remember going out with grandmom to inspect her prize roses? Although my grandmother was not the “gardening type” I was lucky enough to have a best friend whose grandmother raised the most beautiful roses. As I grew older and had thoughts of having beautiful roses in my yard, I realized I was not the dedicated gardener to care for the prized beauties and my garden remained rose-less. All that changed a few years ago as the Knock Out® Family of Roses hit the market.


The Knock Out Rose do not require any special care and are exceptionally easy to grow, which is a plus in my busy schedule. There is also no need to stock special sprays or powders as they are the most disease resistant rose available (another plus). The final selling point was their showy color and their generous bloom cycle. Each 5 to 6 weeks, the bushes burst back into full color until a hard frost. Unlike other “re-bloomers” the Knock Out Rose’s second, third and fourth bloom cycle is every bit as showy as the first, and there is no reason to deadhead the spent blooms as the plant cleans itself in preparation for it’s next bloom

You can expect the Knock Out to grow approximately 3 to 4 foot tall and wide. It is advised to cut back the shrub to about 12” above the ground in the early spring - after the last hard frost for maximum performance. Finding the right place to put a Knock Out Rose is easy as they fit into any landscape. Planted either individually among other shrubs, or as a colorful hedge, they will not disappoint with their spectacular color. My Knock Out’s found their home along side my garage, which proved too sunny for the coreopsis the previous owner had planted. Of course one of my favorite things to do is clip a handful on my way into the house in order to keep a vase of fresh flowers on the counter.