The Legend of the Gazing Globe4/13/2012

The Legend of the Gazing Globe

A bout ten ye ars ago a very good friend of mine was in search for a “Garden Ball” as a gag gift for his brother. He was heart set on finding one and at that time, they hadn’t quite regained popularity. Today they are one of the most asked for, and purchased items in our garden accessory department. This new found respect for the “gazing globe” led me to research the history of the globes. I must admit, I’ve been attracted to these shiny, iridescent globes for a long time mostly due to the reflective qualities in the garden. My research shows that since the 13th century, gazing globes have played an important part of the garden both spiritually and aesthetically. Kings in Europe believed that the globes held magical, mystical powers. Others felt that the globe would ward off bad things like disease, evil spirits, attackers and even ghosts. Legends also cite them as having the ability to keep witches away from one’s home, since a witch could potentially see her own reflection and be scared away.

The gazing globe later served purposes other then decoration, when they were used by servants who would use the globes as a mirror in order to see important guests approaching, or if a guest needed help without having to look directly at them while they ate their meal. Other legends include the globe’s ability to attract fairies and magical spirits, or even prosperity and good luck to any one who owned one. Some Kings in Europe were said to place several of them throughout their gardens for even more luck. In America, they became a status symbol signifying wealth and success. Whether you are in search of a "Gazing Globe" for it's mystical powers or just because you like the pop of color, Somerset Nursery (sorry Zionsville only) is your source for Gazing Globes.