New Coleus Available4/27/2012


New Coleus Available


The much loved coleus has been transformed over the years.  The newest varieties are not easily recognizable as a coleus, but they continue to offer pizzazz to any container.  This attractive plant is great for containers as well as plantings. They typically prefer a shady location, but some newer varieties will tolerate some sun.  In fact, the color of the leaves are often enhanced in the shade.  We have seen new introductions such as Kong Coleus and Sun Coleus in recent years, now we have Wasabi (brilliant chartreuse leaves), The Flume (bold, saber-shaped foliage is bright burgundy with a green border and brilliant pink center) , Velvet Mocha (Bold lacey texture plant with burgundy leaves)  Kingswood Torch (Stunning magenta foliage overlaid with burgundy all summer) Indian Summer (Multi-colored leaves are earthtone red, green and brown and color deepens in high light).


In order to keep your Coleus in tip top shape well into the fall, I like to pinch the tops off as they start to push buds.  This helps the plant keep a bushy appearance as opposed to long and leggy.