Universal Rocks - Ponds, rocks and waterfalls6/14/2012


Somerset Nursery is proud to announce our new line of Universal Rocks TM.

Universal Rocks are So Real…. Molded from natural rock formation, Universal Rocks are virtually indistinguishable from authentic rock and have been hand modified to ensure optimum water flow and control.  Using artificial rock is an eco-friendly alternative to using natural rock, which when stripped from the natural environment causes serious damage to the delicate ecosystem.


Universal Rock is So Light…. Natural rock as a landscaping tool is heavy, cumbersome and expensive to use.   The light-weight design of Universal Rock allows it to be easily transported without the use of heavy equipment.  The artificial rock is generally produced using polyurethane and a special formulation of polyuria - making the material flexible, easy to cut and easy to fit in just about any situation.  Now every one of all ages can lift and install their own water feature. 


Universal Rock is So Easy… Wait no longer for the water feature you have been dreaming of.  You can transform your garden into a stunning water feature within a weekend, or you can revamp your existing swimming pool in only hours.  The mix and match waterfall and pond system allows endless possibilities, will the self-contained units provide an easy answer to creating your own sanctuary on any hard surface.  Simply place, fill and turn on!


About Universal Rocks...

Universal Rocks has been the leader in the manufacture of artificial rock products in Australia since 1996 and began manufacturing in the United States in 2007.  Universal Rocks is produced with two different color choices and comes with a five year manufacturer warranty.  For more information and to view the complete line.