Crapemyrtle Care Sheet8/30/2012


Crapemyrtle Care Sheet


Light:  Full sun is preferred for best flower production.  A sunny, south-facing wall is ideal, as they love the extra heat by the wall.


Soil:  Must be well-drained.  In heavy clay soil, mounding or planting on a slope is helpful.


Water:  Water thoroughly and regularly the first season, they are very drought tolerant once established.


Pruning:  Should be done in early spring since they bloom on new wood.  Shrub forms can be hedged to maintain size.  Tree forms should be ‘limbed up’ as they grow.  Select several main branches or trunks and prune away secondary limbs.  This will expose the colorful bark as they age.


Fertilizer:  Feed in early spring with a high phosphorous fertilizer to induce flowering (fertilizer with a high middle number such as 5-10-5).  Do not feed after July 4th, because the resulting new growth will be too soft to make it through the winter.  Newly purchased plants have enough slow-release fertilizer for the first season.


Overwintering:  A thick layer of mulch is sufficient (3-6”).  This will prevent frequent freezing and thawing.  Do not wrap the top of the plant, this is unnecessary.