Is Liriope a ground cover for you?9/7/2012

Liriope – Is this a ground cover for you?


One of my favorite “go-to” ground covers is Liriope (pronounced la-RYE-o-pee) and during the fall, this groundcover just shines above the rest.  Around our house, we use this plant as a “mulch-eater” meaning it covers large areas of the garden so we can cut down on some of our mulched areas, we also use it as a border plant creating a beautiful separation from lawn to hedge.  Its evergreen appearance keeps it beautiful until it succumbs to a heavy snow.  In late August, early September, liriope bursts into full bloom, owning up to it’s name – The genus was named for Liriope, the “wave-blue-water-nymph” and mother of Narcissus.  Sporting a mature height of approximately 8” and flowers in shades of blue clustered around upright spikes.  The flowers are followed by small black berries with an opalescent sheen.


Is Liriope a fit for your garden?  This plant is fairly adaptable to almost any situation. Although it prefers moist soil in partial shade, it will also thrive in full sun and tolerant of drought and heat.  The plants reproduce by underground rhizomes and will fill in a area rather quickly, yet do not become invasive.