Fall is for planting.9/7/2012


Why plant in the fall?  Many customers ask us “when is the best time to plant?” This is a great question and one that begs for a definitive answer.  However, our answer typically outlines the plus and minuses of planting during any season.  Every plant will benefit from being “in the ground” versus “above the ground” in a pot, so no matter when you install it, the plant will always breath a sigh of relief when it has found it’s forever home in your garden. 


If you are considering planting in the fall, here are some of the bonuses your plant will receive by your action.  In the fall, the soil is at its warmest, and warm soil encourages root growth.  Roots will continue to grow throughout the winter until the ground around them freezes.  When a plant is already in the ground when spring breaks, and the ground starts to thaw, the roots will begin to push new growth, and will continue to develop at a much faster rate as the top growth begins.  In contrast, the same plant – if planted in the spring, gets a slow start due to cool soils, and lags in growth, while the fall plant has already become established.   When summer arrives, the fall-planted plant is far better equipped to deal with the heat and drought of the season, due largely to its well established root system.  In addition to the benefits to the plant, the benefits to the homeowner include – less watering due to expected fall rain and cooler weather, as well as fewer pest and disease problems.