Winterizing Fountains, waterfalls, birdbaths and cast stone products9/28/2012

Cast Stone Planters:

If a planter is to be left planted over the winter, raise it off the ground by placing two (2) pressure treated wood strips beneath the planter.  Make sure not to block the drainage hole.  This measure is taken to allow the soil to drain and will prevent the planter from freezing to the ground.  If a planter is placed directly on the ground, the drainage may be blocked which in-turn will cause the expansion of the soil inside the planter, which will then may cause the planter to crack or crumble.  We recommend using Styrofoam nuggets at the bottom of the planter to ensure proper drainage.   If a planter is not to remain planted over the winter we suggest that it be stored in a covered area where it will be protected from the elements.  If a planter must be left outside unplanted, we suggest that you empty the soil and turn the planter upside down on wood strips.  Cover or wrap the planter with burlap or any absorbent material such as an old blanket or towel, then wrap in dark plastic.  This will prevent moisture from accumulating in the planter.

Please note that even if a cast stone container is raised off the ground, there is always the risk that the container will absorb water through its surface which, when frozen, can cause the planter to crack or break.

Birdbaths, Fountains, Benches and Statuary.

We suggest that birdbath/fountain tops not be left outside in the winter.  Once the top fills with water/snow and freezes, the top may crack.  All birdbath/fountain bases, bench legs and statuary should be raised up off the ground in winter (if feasible) so they will not freeze to the ground surface.

If a fountain bowl must be left outside, remove all pumps, rubber stoppers, drain pipes, finials and small components and place inside. Covers are available for many fountains, or you may follow the instructions above for cast stone. 


Universal Rocks – Ponds, waterfall

Universal Rocks are safe to remain outdoors in the winter.  It is important that you remove the pump and store inside.