How to Install a Disappearing Fountain2/7/2013


How to install a Disappearing Fountain    


Somerset Nursery specializes in custom made fountains using beautiful pieces of pottery that have been hand selected for their qualities as a potential water feature.  We are happy to help you select the perfect ceramic pot for your garden based on a quick interview with you to determine the vision of your garden.  Once you have selected your pottery, we will determine the appropriate basin for the overflow water and prepare your fountain for installation.  What do you do with it when you get it home?


1.        Define the required hole diameter for your basin by marking the outside soil.  Then dig a hole at the dept not to exceed the bottom of the outer lip.  (Do not bury the basin all the way to the top of the lip or debris will enter the basin over time.)  Ensure that the dug-out hole is level on all sides.


2.       Place the basin in the ground, making sure it is level.


3.       Connect the flexible tubing provide to the bottom of the pipe protruding from the pottery, and insert this down through the basin top – guiding it through the access panel, as a second person tilts the pottery up.  Reaching through the basin door, pull the flexible tubing towards the opening where you are ready to attach the tubing to the pump.  Insert the pump into the basin and run electrical cord out over the side of the basin.


4.       Fill the basin and planter with water and test the flow rate.  Cover with decorative rocks, glass or sea shells to make a beautiful water feature.




Caution:  Never allow the water pump to run dry.  Drain and cover all fountains during the winter months to prevent damage from excessively cold conditions.