Balanced meals for flowers3/26/2014

Feeding Flowers Balanced Meals
Balanced meals? For flowers? Although balanced meals are typically associated with
promoting healthy bodies and active minds for humans, professional horticulturists agree that
flowers also need a balanced diet in order to thrive.
So, as you care for your flower gardens this season, heed experts' advice -- avoid feeding
your flowers a fast food diet of synthetic chemical fertilizers. Instead, feed your annuals and
perennials a healthy balanced meal with an organically-balanced plant food like Espoma's Flowertone
A natural plant food formula containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, along with
12 other essential nutrients, will create brilliant blooms and build strong roots for your flowers.
Unlike some fertilizers which provide a meal comparable to a fast food diet, a natural plant food,
like Flower-tone(tm), offers ingredients such as kelp meal, cocoa meal, dehydrated manure, dried
blood and cotton seed meal, which will provide healthy, balanced nourishment for your flowers.
Here's what experts recommend: feed flowers monthly from the beginning of the growing
season until the middle of September. For seeds, cover them with soil, then add 2 tablespoons of
Flower-tone. For established flowers, sprinkle Flower-tone, like adding salt and pepper to food,
around the plant. Remember to always water your flowers thoroughly.
Keeping your flowers healthy with a balanced diet will mean beautiful, abundant blooms for
you to enjoy throughout the season.