Plant Crape Myrtle Properly.4/27/2015

The Crape Myrtle can be a beautiful tree for our landscape and can provide years of enjoyment.  Many people are concerned about the hardiness of the Crape Myrtle since they are more typically seen in the south.  Somerset Nursery only carries Crapes that are hardy for our area.  How you plant them is critical to their longevity.  It is best to plant the tree very high out of the ground.  This means at least 1/2  the container or root ball should be above ground level, fill soil to the base of the trunk.  If you plant them at gorund level, they will die to the ground in a challenging winter like we had the last two winters.  When this happens, they will sprout back from the base by June, but it will take a while to look like a tree again.  If this is your case, you will be better off raising it 12-18" now. 

Crape Myrtle is a worthwhile plant to grow and plant.  Plant them well and they will stand out from the crowd!