Care for your Chiminea9/1/2015

Your Chiminea is an outdoor fireplace handcrafted and hand-painted by some of the most skilled artisan in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Your chiminea is functional art that is ideally suited for your deck, patio or poolside.  It makes the perfect addition to your outdoor décor.


Our Chiminea’s are made from clay and can be easily broken if not handled correctly.  Avoid lifting and carrying your chiminea as much as possible by using a hand truck or cart to move it when necessary.  Never lift the chiminea from the stack.  Please follow these instructions for safe operations.


How to Prepare your Chiminea for years of enjoyment

1.    Seal the outside of the chiminea before the first use.  DO NOT SEAL THE INSIDE OF THE CHIMINEA.  We recommend you use acrylic floor finish (such as Future) or a wood sealer product (Such as Thompsons).  The sealer will keep moisture from seeping into the clay.  Sealer will also help extend the life of the paint finish.  You should reapply sealer monthly during heavy use times or at least every 6 to 12 months.

a.    If using floor finish, the easiest way to apply it is to use a trigger-type spray bottle.  RInce the spray mechanism with hot water to re-use the bottle.  If using oil-based wood sealer, you will not be able to re-use the spray bottle.

2.    Always place the chiminea on the metal stand it came with.

3.    Never place the chiminea on an unprotected deck or other flammable surface.

4.    Put about 4 inches of sand, pea gravel or lava rock in the chiminea

5.    Season your chiminea by first burning small and controlled fires.  This help to seal the inside of the chiminea and also protects it.  TO SEASON THE INSIDE OF THE CHIMINEA:

a.    Burn no more than some kindling and one very small log or a few pieces of hardwood.

b.    Let the fire burn out and let the chiminea cool completely before starting another fire.

c.    Repeat this process between 4 and 8 times to completely seal the inside of the chiminea.

6.    Never use any lighting fluid, alcohol or gasoline in a chiminea.

7.    To start a fire:  ball up a few sheets of newspaper and place them near the front of the chiminea.  Lean kindling against the paper.  When you light the newspaper, it will light the kindling quickly as the draft up the stacks intensifies.  Then add either more kindling or a few small logs.

8.    When building fires, please use self-control.  Keep your fire under control.  Do not allow the flames from the fire to reach beyond the top of the stack.

9.    Use caution- the chiminea will be VERY HOT.  Do not touch it.

10.  Do not use water to kill a fire.  The temperature shock and steam will break the clay.  If necessary to stop a fire quickly, use sand or a dry chemical fire extinguisher.  Never use a CO2 extinguisher.





We want you to enjoy your chiminea for years, therefore it is important for you to use it safely.  The chiminea may be used for burning wood or candles, but to do so safely, you must follow these basic guidelines.


1.     Never leave an open flame or burning embers unattended.

2.    Keep unsupervised children and pets away from any open flame.

3.    When there is a fire in the chiminea, the unit will be hot.  Do not touch the chiminea while it is burning.

5.    When burning wood in the chiminea, ensure that you have sand or river rock at least 4-6 inches deep in the bottom of the chiminea for insulation.

6.    While burning in the chiminea always use the stand or place the chiminea on brick, stone, sand or concrete.  Never place a hot chiminea on a wooden surface or against a wooden fence or wall.   Keep the hot chiminea away from combustible materials.

7.    If used on a wooden deck, protect the deck with non-combustible material such as a stove mat or hearth board to catch sparks or popping embers

8.    Never burn wood in the chiminea indoors or under a covered area, including tree branches.  Ensure that you have plenty of ventilation for the smoke and heat flowing from the flue of the chiminea.

9.    Keep your fire reasonable.  A fire that is too large or too hot can be dangerous and could damage your chiminea.  We recommend that you do not burn more than 3 pieces of wood at a time.

10.  Always comply with all the local laws, ordinances, and statutes restricting the use of outdoor open flames in your community.  Consult your local fire department to determine if there are any open flame restrictions in your community.  Consult your local fire department to determine if there are any open flame restrictions in your area.

11.  Always consider your neighbor and do not use your chiminea in a manner that may cause irritation or harm to your neighbor’s property.

12.  Always ensure that the fire is completely out before you leave your chiminea unattended. Smother any remaining embers with sand.

Please use caution and common sense when burning in your chiminea.  Failure to adhere to the safety guidelines could result in fire damage to your deck, home or yard.  Failure to exercise caution while burning in your chiminea could cause bodily injury or even death, so please be careful.  Never abuse or misuse your chiminea. 

Now that you have read and understand the safety guidelines, you should be set to enjoy the charm and ambiance provided by your new chiminea.







4.    Do not use flammable liquids in the chiminea.